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If you or a family member has suffered serious harm in Illinois because of a doctor's error (misdiagnosis, surgical error or prescription error, for example), an automobile accident, or from a serious injury due to someone else's negligence, our firm can help you through this difficult time, and will fight to get you the compensation you deserve.

Burn Injuries

Burns are some of the most painful injuries an individual can suffer. Besides the physical pain associated with a burn, victims are often left with scarring and disfigurement. If you or a loved one has suffered a burn injury in an accident, contact Chicago burn injury lawyer Valerie Leopold to schedule a free consultation.

What Caused Your Burn Injury?

Determining the cause of an accident and identifying a negligent party is the first step in handling a burn injury case. At Leopold & Associates, we represent people who have suffered burn injuries resulting from a variety of negligent accidents, including:

Depending on the nature of the accident and injuries, the accident victim may be eligible for compensation to cover medical bills, plastic reconstructive surgery, and other costs. Compensation may also be available for lost wages, pain and suffering associated with scarring and disfigurement, and more.

Burns and Infections

One of the biggest threats to people who have suffered burn injuries is infection. The skin protects the body from infection. When this barrier is damaged by a second- or third-degree burn, victims are at high risk for becoming infected. Hospitals have a responsibility to take measures to prevent infection, and can be held accountable when a burn victim suffers further.

If you have suffered a second- or third-degree burn and have been infected while under hospital care, contact an attorney to determine if you have a case.

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If you or someone close to you has suffered first, second, or third degree burns in an accident, contact me, Chicago burn injury lawyer Valerie Leopold, to schedule a free consultation.