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At Leopold & Associates, we are here to help fight for your rights in medical malpractice, automotive, and personal injury cases. Our clients agree. Over the years, we have helped hundreds battle insurance companies, large corporations, and medical ogranizations. Here's what they have to say.

I first met Valerie and the lawyers at her firm when she brought a medical malpractice case against a doctor and hospital after a family member was severely brain damaged from a doctor’s misdiagnosis. At the start of the trial, the defendants refused to settle for a single dollar. Before the start of closing arguments, the defendants offered to settle for everything we demanded. The attorneys at Leopold & Associates are tough, hard-nosed trial lawyers who know how to win complex medical malpractice cases.

Mary C

I am so lucky to know Val and her incredible team. I was in a coma from a brain injury following a motorcycle crash in which I also suffered a fractured pelvis, foot, arms and multiple fractures to my ribs and vertebrae. Leopold & Associates were with me through every step of my recovery and very quickly obtained a multimillion-dollar settlement to provide needed medical care for the rest of my life. Not only did they make sure I received the largest settlement possible but were also helpful in working with us to find the best doctors and rehabilitation programs available.

Peter H

We met Val and her team on the worst day of our lives. Our son was struck by a car and Val was recommended to us. Leopold and Associates was instrumental in helping us navigate the legal system to ensure that our son obtained a settlement that will provide for his needs during his lifetime and for his family for the foreseeable future. During this difficult time, the team at Leopold and Associates dealt with the insurance companies, disability and Social Security as well as the complex and difficult legal proceedings. Their dedication to our son allowed us to concentrate on his recovery. Their commitment and professionalism will never be forgotten. Val and her associates gave us the comfort and support we needed to focus on our family.

Mark P

I have put my trust in Leopold & Associates for many years. Although my case was what some lawyers might consider a small auto accident, Valerie and her attorneys treated me like I was their most important client. They were friendly, accessible and always took the time to call me and explain the latest news on my claim. Over the years, I have referred all of my friends and family members to this wonderful firm. Everyone has received the same comfort and individual attention from these caring lawyers who go the extra mile to achieve real results.

Alice C